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Dec 8, 2009

romebot 0.2 new version

Mungkin ini yang ditunggu-tunggu para chater mania diseluruh dunia, saya persembahkan salah satu karya saya yaitu romeobot release 0.2
kelebihan dari robot ini cukup lancar di room dengan catatan balasan tidak lebih dari 10 posting message dari room untuk user secara bebas
cukup stabil dibanding dengan rombebot versi yang lama

romeobot user guide and installation
step 1
donwload dotnetframework 2.0
step 2
download dotnet framework 2.0 sp 1
step 3
download dotnet framework 2.0 sp 2

minimum intallation above is step 1
after install dotnet frameowrk successed then

install rebecca
download rebecca

choose RebeccaAIML.exe (setup installer)

after install rebeccaAIML successed then

get utilities file
extract to "C:\Program Files\RebeccaAIML" and replace

click start menu -> rebeccaAIML-> Server -> Install Service
click start menu -> rebeccaAIML-> Server -> Start
click start menu -> rebeccaAIML->
wait until generate finish

download romeobot
extract the romeobot file and running romeobot.exe
follow the form login then click login
when running first time, system will appear invalid certificate
you must click trust button, than follow the instructions until the certificate installed on the system
wait until appear connection success

exit romeobot.exe

click romeobot for the second
follow the form login then login, wait until appear connection success
now wait for your friend chat private with your robot

congratulation now your nick has become a robot :D

for change your configuration, you can enter to "C:\Program Files\RebeccaAIML\conf"
find properties file, than insert your robot profile as you like


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rjuna said... pengen nanya neh..buat ngrubah respon coment nya gmn tuh? misal dirubah ke dalam bahasa indonesia ato jawa gt...btw thanks share nya pak romeo

Anonymous said...

mantap... makasi buanyak plen,tapi kalaw nanti aku bingung boleh nanya nanya ya... ayooooo..... sekolahhh.....

rat said...

udah login, tp bingung ni kegunaan utamana apaan? klo pv dri nimbuzz blsanna cm blank message terus. klo pv dri app lain,mlh gada response. trus buat apa ada opsi enter room klo ga bs apa2..em ?

julie said...

tutorial lengkapna ttg perintah2/settingan dari ni app donk om rome..

yhas e-machines said...

yang penting bisa pv ngerum atau group,kalo urusan yang lain gak perlu di bahas....yang penting enjoy selalu bikin senang orang maka akan membuat kita senang dengan chat aman dan nyaman bersama nimbuzz said...

salam nimbuzzer mas bro,,blogwalking ke blog q

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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