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Feb 8, 2017

9 Project Management Knowledge Areas based on PMBOK Updated

  1. Integration Management - project selection methods and methodologies, stakeholder analyses, charters, project management plans, project management software, change requests, change control boards, review meetings, and lessons-learned reports.
  2. Scope Management - scope statements, work breakdown structures, mind maps, statements of work, requirements analyses, scope management plans, scope verification techniques, and scope change controls.
  3. Time Management - Gantt charts, project network diagrams, critical-path analyses, crashing, fast tracking, schedule performance measurements.
  4. Cost Management - Net present value, return on investment, payback analyses, earned value management, project portfolio management, cost estimates, managing cost plans, and cost baselines.
  5. Quality Management - Quality metrics, checklists, quality control charts, Pareto diagrams, fishbone diagrams, maturity models, and statistical models.
  6. Human Resource Management - Motivation techniques, empathic listening, responsibility assignment matrices, project organizational charts, resource histograms, and team building exercises.
  7. Communications Management - Communications plans, kickoff meetings, conflict resolution, communications media selection, status and progress reports, virtual communications, templates, and project web sites.
  8. Risk Management - Risk management plans, risk registers, probability/impact matrices, and risk rankings.
  9. Procurement Management - Make-or-buy analyses, contracts, request for proposals or quotes, source selections, supplier evaluation matrices.

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